Tesla To Build Massive 100+ GWh Battery Plant At Giga Berlin

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According to Elon Musk‘s keynote talk at the European Battery Conference, Tesla is planning to build a giant battery cell plant at the Tesla Giga Berlin site in Germany, envisioned for over 100 GWh annually.

Over time, the lithium-ion cell plant might be expanded to 200 or even 250 GWh annually, which would be the biggest battery plant we heard of.

Of course, the Tesla would be producing the in-house developed 4680 cells, that will be integrated element of the vehicle structure. The European Tesla Model Y was already confirmed to get those cells, but we don’t know whether it will be right from the start of production in 2021. Tesla currently produced the 4680 cells only in its pilot facility in California.

We wonder whether the preparations for the battery facility already started, as the harvesters recently returned to clear more area at the Giga Berlin.


Having a potentially lower-cost, and more energy dense battery systems (30% without including any new chemistry), would allow Tesla to introduce not only longer-range BEVs, but possibly also more affordable ones to compete for the mainstream customers in Europe.

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