Month: November 2020

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Test Report : Batt:RE GPS:IE Electric Scooter

[ad_1] The PluginIndia team got the Batt:RE GPS:IE electric scooter from the Batt:RE team in Pune for 5-6 days. The Batt:RE team has surpassed our expectations in terms of offering connectivity options to electric scooter. Many established brands don’t offer such wide variety of connectivity features in a budget electric scooter. In this article, we showcase our findings after testing […]

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Tesla To Build Massive 100+ GWh Battery Plant At Giga Berlin

[ad_1] According to Elon Musk‘s keynote talk at the European Battery Conference, Tesla is planning to build a giant battery cell plant at the Tesla Giga Berlin site in Germany, envisioned for over 100 GWh annually. Over time, the lithium-ion cell plant might be expanded to 200 or even 250 GWh annually, which would be […]

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Testing the Ather 450X electric scooter

[ad_1] BU Bhandari has taken the dealership for Ather for entire Maharashtra. As of now they are located at the Pashan Road Abhimanshree showroom, but the plan is to start an experience center on Bhandarkar Road. We had a chat with the BU Bhandari team – and they seemed to be quite gung-ho about the […]

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