India’s First Electric 3 Wheeler cargo

Electric 3 Wheeler Cargo

Radiance Triyaan India’s first electric 3 wheeler cargo vehicle has come to fulfil the expectations of every businessman regarding their transportation expenses.

Radiance Electric is a Mumbai based Electric vehicle start up company which introduces its Made In India first Electric cargo three wheeler in the electric cargo segment.

Firstly Radiance electric make a Electric passenger vehicle for daily commutes and city ride after that they shifted to cargo vehicle because high demand of electric cargo vehicles

Triyaan is an electric loader van with BLDC motor, we ElectricYug visited the factory and take all the details about this electric cargo vehicle and also take a ride and here we giving the ground test report for this electric cargo.

Electric 3 wheeler cargo

Overview of Radiance Triyaan

Triyaan name comes from a three wheel vehicle, which only operated in this segment of vehicles. Company gives two variant options one is L5 Cargo segment and another is L3 which is E-Rickshaw.

We are focusing mainly on L5 Cargo later on we will discuss more about L3 category. Triyaan electric cargo can take a load about 800Kgs, which is the maximum loading capacity. L3 can take load up to 300Kgs.

Top speed of the Radiance Triyaan is 45 Kmph which will vary after loading. As we take a ride with loaded vehicle there was no noise, and it was smooth enough to drive.

In case of diesel engine cargo vehicle consumes 1 Litre of diesel for 20Km which cost approx around 70-80 Rs. whereas by using Lithium Ion Battery packs for this Triyaan, it consumes 1 Unit of electricity for 20 Km. For commercial use 1 unit of electricity costs around 10-12 Rs.

Motor Specifications & Maintenance of Radiance Triyaan

Radiance Triyaan L5 uses 4.5KW BLDC motor. Because of more load carrying capacity of the vehicle this uses Leaf Spring Suspensions which also requires less maintenance. And talking also about total maintenance of Steering, Brakes and Tyres you can do it by locally.       

The maintenance cost of the Triyaan is so minimal because of no engine, no sounds or less moving parts. We know that this type of vehicles required more greasing, but in case of Triyaan minimum greasing parts are there. 

For driving of any Petrol or Diesel engine cargo vehicles we required more skill drivers, while vehicle that doesn’t required skill drivers, just you have to accelerate and take care of braking.

Because absence of any engine or clutch functionality it is quite helpful in climb the gradients with loads. And yes it is a myth that people think electric vehicles can’t climb on the gradients, previously this happens because of low load capacity of the electric vehicles. 

Anyone having business small or big, and for any type of transportations within the city you can load the vehicle and move. They can also make customisable enclosed or open box as per customer’s requirement.

Electric 3 wheeler cargo

Battery Specifications of Radiance Triyaan

Radiance Triyaan Battery comes in two options which is fixed battery. however this battery is fixed in the vehicle and you need a socket connections near at parking of the vehicle  and other one is swappable batteries.

In swappable batteries customers don’t have any ownership regarding the battery and you can swap the batteries at the battery swapping stations. Every battery swapping stations charged you certain amount that will cost of your full charge.

Fixed battery takes around 3.5 Hrs to complete full charge and gives you a Mileage about 90 Km in full single charge. Where as in swappable batteries range would be the same but it takes 5 Hrs to complete charge of the battery at swapping stations.

The swappable battery weights around 12Kgs. As per company, they set up the charging stations with some of the market leaders and as per now there are 3 charging stations in Mumbai. This will increase up to 15 swapping stations till December 2020.

Triyaan give 48V 100Amp / 48V 150Amp Lithium Ion Battery which offers long life and virtually risk free battery with fast charging battery charger.

Company gives you one year of Road Side Assistant while break down of the vehicle and also you can contact with customer support when you have any doubts about the vehicle.

Radiance Electric gives 1 year of Warranty on the Triyaan and it can extendable up to 3 Years which would give you complete peace of mind.

In an introductory phase Radiance Electric company is operational only at PAN Maharashtra and also have sub dealers in major cities in Maharashtra.

You can take the test drive of this electric cargo vehicle at its showroom or by visiting its website. We had fun riding this quiet beast! We recommend this for small businesses, if you have any type of transportations business this vehicle can help you, And want know more about the Triyaan you can contact : Vitan Jagda 9819601369

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