Dexpress Lite The Best Electric Scooter For Delivery In India 2021


The Indian delivery market is growing day by day that it is valued by 6 billion dollar which could reach by 30 billion dollar by 2022. Overall delivery business is so huge in coming years in India as well as the rest of the world.

The Mumbai based start-up named as Dexpress has introduced a Depress Lite its first delivery electric scooter in India. Dexpress has others new models name as Dexpress Mettle and Dexpress U2. 

The Founder and the CEO of Dexpress electric scooter Dr. Chandrakant Jain who starts to manufacture and giving sales and also after sales service.

Any two wheeler delivery boy is riding daily 50-120 Km whereas passenger electric scooters users daily commute is less.

By this pick in mind Dexpress launched its first electric delivery scooter in India for mainly focusing on delivery segment.

Dexpress Lite delivery electric scooter is made for delivery purposes. This electric scooter is low in maintenance, operational cost is also less.

According to many customers this bike durable for daily continues commutes and also so light to ride.

There are so much electric bikes and scooters in India who imports battery packs for their scooters which are not reliable for Indian environmental conditions, well interesting fact is that Dexpress make their own batteries.

Founder Dr. Jain is changing this by developing the vehicle and its batteries.

In Mumbai there are 200 plus Dexpress Vehicles are in operational.

Customers like food, medical shops, cake shops, groceries, restaurants business, laundry, and Pizza and Ice cream services are using this electric scooter.

Customers like food, medical shops, cake shops, groceries, restaurants business, laundry, and Pizza and Ice cream services are using this electric scooter. 

More than 500 vehicles are in complete Maharashtra and PAN India. Dexpress also deals with big clients Like Flipkart, Ninja kart, Ebike go and Rapido who gives this electric delivery bikes on rent.

One revolutionary aspect of Dexpress Electric is they are first to introduce the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries for two wheelers in India.

Lithium Phosphate batteries are safest and it has long life cycles which commercially viable and available.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries have cycles up to two thousands. It does not explode and it doesn’t catch fire as compared to Lithium Ion batteries.

Dexpress Electric Scooter Specifications

DeXpress Lite is more than a vehicle developed with a concept designed merely keeping in mind the need of the time and user. The main structure is made of tubular frame using High-carbon Steel material.

It is strong enough to safeguard the driver and the material for delivery. Negligible use of plastic is adopted to build environment friendly, low maintenance vehicle.

Due to its strong body and tubular structure it will have much less damage on any collision compared to other vehicles.

Well the main disadvantage of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) batteries is that it requires more space usability and more bulky or heavy in weight.

Depress assemble there batteries at in Mumbai workshop. They have another work shop for production of their scooters in Vasai, Maharashtra.

For better Range and life of batteries as per company, the batteries have to keep for overcharge that means battery have to place it for charging more two hours that completely balances the battery cells.

The scientific phenomena is that if the battery is charge up to 90 % and discharge up to 10 % then the battery cycle increases to 3000 to 2000 cycles, if we charge up to 80 % and discharges up to 20 % the cycle goes to 5000-10000.

The top speed of Dexpress Lite is 25 Kmph because it is registered an approved by ARAI as a low speed electric scooter.

It has a four battery and range variants i.e. 70 Km, 90Km, 120Km and 140 Km.

According to that range variant Price of Dexpress electric is differ. The Price of Dexpress electric bike in india starts from 54,000 to 67,500 which is Ex-showroom. The Price of Dexpress electric bike in Mumbai is Same as metioned above. Prices may be differ with extra cost of tranportation.

Dexpress Lite has features like centralize locking system, Electronic ABS system, phone holder, USB charging.

 The battery is portable and comes with 5A-10A battery charger options. For 10A chargers you have to pay more.

The vehicle gets BLDC hub motor which is of 250 watts rated power. Battery takes 4-7 hours for complete full charge depending on the battery variants. Weight of the battery is about 8-16 Kg.

Company offers 2 year of warranty on the motor and 3 years warranty on the battery. This warranty will cover repair and replacement at no cost.

 Also Dexpress provides 1 year of comprehensive warranty on the scooter for manufacturing defects.

The incredible Range for daily commuting is really appreciable. The ground clearance is about 200 mm and ample boot space of 70 ltrs.

This specification is more practical for basic delivery businesses for the delivery of their products.

The Dexpress don’t have any dealer of franchises model rather they believe that they the extra cost from dealers have to pay from customers pocket; this can be avoided by direct marketing and sales. Also they provided Onsite Delivery and Services. Dexpress aimed for more Models and E-Rikshaw in cities like Mumbai in future.


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.
  • Safer and Durable batteries.
  • Appreciable Range.
  • Space provided is more.


  • Heavy battery packs.
  • It feels low in Quality.
  • Lesser Durability of the vehicle.


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