Exceptional Ather 450x Best Electric Scooter In India


Ather 450X is upgraded version of Ather 450 and the best electric scooter in India which more lighter, faster and cheaper. With increase in its Performance updated features and fresh colours Ather. 

Energy a Bangalore based electric manufacturing company launch Ather 450X electric scooter in India on platform of previous Ather 450.

Talking about dynamics that will great with real world urban acrobatics. 

Ather 450X this electric scooter comes with all new fresh Dual tone colours that are white, Space Gray with yellow highlights on exposed chassis, mono shock and strikes on wheels another is Mint Green with orange highlights while in this case mono shock absorber and exposed chassis is white in colour. Top Handle bar completely coloured in black with 450X branding on front.

Ather 450X Specification

  • Gradiebility of 450X is increase from 18 Degrees to 20 Degrees.

  • Steering and Handling is also feels better and lighter due to Weight reduction in steering column.

  • Ather 450X weight is 108Kg, it has been reduces up to 11 Kg than that of Ather 450 which 2018 model and it has a capacity of carrying load of two average weight people which was payload of 150Kg .

  • All new Ather 450X gets a complete new battery pack set up management and cooling system. With increase in battery capacity of Ather 450X is 2.9 Kwh.

  • Also Motor power output is extends up to 6 KW from previous power output of 5 KW.

Ather clamming that increase in Torque too from 20.5 Nm on the 450 to 26 Nm which is extremely exceptional increase in performance. 

Ather’s Motor is IP66 certified and the Battery is IP67 Certified so that its Safer from water for certain time of period and dust proof. Battery pack is located under the foot board.

Ather gives a more powerful charger of 3.3 Kw and idle standby time of the charging has jumped from 8 to 25 days. Ather 450X charging time increase from 1 Km per minute to 1.45 Km per minute that is for 100 percent charging at home it require 5.45 Hrs and with fast charging option is available which cost 800 Rs. only.

As in test we also seen that the range has gone up by 10 Km that the range of Ather 450X will go up by 85Km in full charge and in Eco mode. 

Ather 450 X top speed is about 80 Kmph which is quite quick in action. With this change in performance previously Ather 450 electric scooter sprint takes 3.84 seconds in 0-40 Kmph while 450X it takes 3.29 seconds. If we compare this which is quicker than Aprilia XR150 and TVS Ntorque 125.

450X comes with increase in its Acceleration and three ride modes i.e. Eco Ride and Sport mode and apart from this one more mode is added that is Warp mode in this power and performance is exceptional with boost in acceleration. However it has a Reverse mode with assist parking.

In terms of Ather 450X features, with all Energy Efficient LED lights where use for Headlamp and taillight which is attractive in design. The dashboard is re-designed and does more tasks. This comes infill colour TFT 7 inch Touch screen display which is Android based and uses Snapdragon 212 Processor for faster and better user experience.

Super Smart Connect

Ather 450X Features

We find more new features like it is integrand with 4G LTE, has a reverse mode, Bluetooth enable for music and call connectivity, Tyre Pressuring Monitoring System, new dark mode is initiates. Also this comes with ‘Find My Vehicle’ Application. It has IMU (Initial Measurement Unit) which generally comes in super bikes. This entire feature takes this scooter at whole new level.

Ather 450X gets 26 litres of massive under seat storage capacity which best in the segment. In boot space illumination lights are provided.

Ather 450X gets the Wider & gripper tyres also offering fatty tires as an option but suggestion is that to stick with standard tyres because fatter tyre reduces the range and acceleration while increment in handling dynamics is minimal.

Ride quality is decent, suspensions are very good. In front there is Telescopic fork feels slightly stiff on rough roads while at the rear cast aluminium rear swing arms is suspended using by mono shock absorbers, which is perfect suspension set up.

In terms of Braking hardware on the Ather 450X includes Disc brakes at the both front and rear ends combined with CBS with great stopping power. But there is problem with rear brake as it has a tendency of locking up and rear stepping out. This can be bit scary for new riders.

With all Best scooters in market everyone has some pros as well cons. Ather 450X has great fun to ride in the city however if the rider is tall or have a generous big size handlebars might brush against the leg which makes uncomfortable riding position when taking sharp turns.

Ather 450x price in Bangalore is about Rs. 99,000 (Ex-showroom). It also comes with a subscription plan an experienced pilot the one base experience 2 plan gives you 80Kmph of top speed of 75 Km of range for Ather 450X Plus and the top specs which is called as experience three plan which offers 80 Kmph of top speed and range of 85 Km with quicker acceleration for Ather 450X Pro. Addition to this Experience pack users get unlimited battery warranty.

Buyers have also option for skipping the experience plan or the performance pack by the scooter up front which will cost them Rs. 1.49 Lakh for Ather 450X Plus and Rs. 1.59 Lakh for Ather 450X Pro. Also come with 3 years of standard warranty.

Ather Energy looking for its expansion as new electric scooter will be Launched simultaneously in six new cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. Whereas there is one problem as Ather wants to expand in new cities but it will be sold by a single dealership per city. Now this is where the Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube that comes to in picture for Rivalry for reference added the link of Bajaj Chetak and TVS iQube.

Ather 450X Detail Specifications

Ather 450X Price 

1.45Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)


Ather 450X Specifications



White / Space Gray / Mint Green


Dimensions and Weight


Kerb weight


F R Ratio 


Storage Capacity    






Conventional telescopic Suspension


Cast aluminium rear swing arm is suspended using a monoshock Suspension


Wheel and Tyre


Wheel size 

12 inch Alloy

Tyre type 

Alloy Tubeless


Motor specifications


Rated Power 

3030 W

Peak Power  

6000 W


26.00 Nm

Motor Type 


Top Speed  


Acceleration (0-40Km/H) 



Battery Specifications


Battery type 

Lithium –ion, 21700 cell


2.9 Kwh

Battery range 

85Km/ 116 Km (Indian Drive Cycle)

Charging time 

4.18 Hours

Fast charging 



Brake Specifications


Front brake 


Rear brake 



Standard Features






Mode indicator 



Battery warning indicator 


Battery indicator 


Pillion seat 


Parking switch 






Pass light 



App based Smart features


Mobile App 

Ride Stats


Push Navigation


Live Location and


Vehicle State Tracking


Theft/Tow detection


Music Control


Call Control


Welcome Lights


Smart Accessories Support  

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


Smart Helmet


Smart Features


Positioning System 





Bluetooth 4.2


BLE 5.0



Over the air updates


Onboard Navigation


Auto Indicator off


Guide-me-home lights


Connected Mobile App


Side stand sensor



Snapdragon 212 Quad core  1.3 GHz, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage


Operating System 

Android Open Source OS (AOSP)


Screen Size and Type 

7-inch TFT LCD, LED Backlit, Capacitive Touch


  • Manufactured in India
  • Faster and Less in Weight
  • Low in cost
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • 26 ltrs of massive boot space


  • Uncomfortable for big size riders
  • Feels uneasy at Rear braking
  • Requires 5.45 Hr for charging
  • Unavailability of the scooter


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